Brushing and casting the fireplace

- Jul 14, 2019-

In just a few simple steps, you can transform this smoky, smoked fireplace into a striking focus: rubbing away dust and dirt for years, paint to new furnace Adding color, making a new stove with a decorative model makes the stove look the most eye-catching, and the new slate fireplace interprets the space on the ground.

Even if you want to make a similar normal furnace renovation for the fireplace, you should have the chimney expert or building supervisor check to see if the entire unit is working properly. Here, the chimney specialist rebuilt a furnace, cleaned the chimney, and evaluated the entire fireplace system to ensure that it was in good working condition before renovating the fireplace. The white protective lacquer, which is consistent with the decor of the room, covers years of smog damage and dust. At the entrance to the room, the new stone bricks in the kitchen and other areas match the fireplaces decorated with new slate tiles, making the ground in front of the fireplace bright.