Check the fireplace before the fire

- Jul 05, 2019-

1. Is the chimney unblocked (if you are buying an old house and don't know the condition of the fireplace before, let the cleaners check it out, and the fireplace chimney in use should be cleaned once a year if it burns every day);

2. Whether the vents inside the fireplace are closed, if the vents are closed, they must be opened;

3. The size of the vent opening should be mastered by yourself, too much heat loss, too little smoke will be poured, start to open larger, and then adjust after the fire comes up. How to make a fire? 1. Put a piece of firewood on the hob, then put the firewood pile up. Generally, the firewood should not exceed 8 pieces. Keep the gap between the firewood. To prevent the firewood from collapsing during the burning process, the stacking is a bit stressful. . Firewood is best left to dry for more than a year.