Fireplace construction

- Jul 11, 2019-

For the space composition of the fireplace, according to the image we need to express, we can also analyze it by the method of point line surface composition, and the smaller visual elements in the space of things can achieve the effect of strengthening or weakening the space modeling by processing the points.

When we want to emphasize the position and function of the fireplace in the space, we can strengthen the shape and decoration of the fireplace, which will form a visual focus. If we want to weaken the shape of the fireplace in space, we can reduce the proportion and position of the fireplace in the entire space. The simplification of the decoration makes the fireplace not stand out in the space.

The line is the trajectory of the point in the space, which plays an important role in highlighting the character of the space structure. In the design of the fireplace, various lines are often used.

Emphasizing the composition of the horizontal lines on the face of the fireplace makes the fireplace look solid. The shelf and laminate of the fireplace can reinforce this feeling, while also breaking the regularity of the space, making the space lively.

The vertical lines emphasize the body's sense of pleasure, and make the space look tall, while connecting the towering interior spaces, especially for use in tall spaces. Such a configuration can be achieved by methods such as emphasizing and protruding the chimney.

The application of the face is also important for the fireplace, and sometimes the entire fireplace and appendages can be treated as a face to achieve both visual and functional effects. The fireplace and the surrounding walls are completely treated to form a complete fireplace-based wall that is very eye-catching. The understanding of the composition of the fireplace space allows us to find a better way to perform in space.