Fireplace design cabinet

- Jul 16, 2019-

To place the fireplace in a wall where inserts can be placed, cabinets are placed on both sides of the furnace, and the cabinets are installed in a deeper furnace than the fireplace. This deep-moving derrick can be used to support the beam between the two cabinets. In order to make the vision more continuous, you can wrap the top of the cabinet and the circumference of the stone with traditional decorative strips. Don't try to cover the large furnace surface with elegant design, and keep the cabinet simple. Here, the flat inset door panel produces a strong sense of horizontal lines, which is a complement rather than a comparison with the strength of the stone. The choice of wood is also very important. Maroon stone is best seen.

The advantage of embedding each other is to increase the space in which the display box stores items. The collection is displayed with an open shelf or a cabinet with a glass door, and the closed part underneath the cabinet can store less noticeable audiovisual equipment.

Add wall and spotlights to enhance the lighting in the fireplace area. Here, the jewelry across the top of the fireplace shades the halogen lamps used to illuminate the stove.