Fireplace design restaurant

- Jul 18, 2019-

The fireplace in the restaurant will allow guests and family to relax, even after cleaning up the tableware. Depending on the size of the dining area, you can place the table at right angles to the fireplace or in parallel with it.

Remember that comfort is the most important. If the person who makes the meal is too close to the fireplace, the heat will be very difficult. If you use logs or gas to make the temperature in the restaurant too high, then put a candle holder in the fireplace to create a candlelight atmosphere without the heat.

To create a personal touch in the restaurant, you should decorate the hearth of the fireplace with your favorite decorative items and enticing artwork. Paints with fruits, flowers, grapes and green plants are common in traditional dining areas, as are old plates. To maintain the luster of the glass crystal, arrange the position of the candle holder and other bronzes, silverware and bronzes. These objects will be more brilliant in the light of the fire.