Foreign old-fashioned practice of real fire fireplace

- Jul 04, 2019-

When some people in the country use the fireplace of the villa, they will want to follow the old foreign practice and put the firewood directly into the open wall to burn. This use is not scientific and economic, even dangerous. Why?

Because the domestic villa chimney design is similar to the real chimneys in foreign countries, its internal structure does not meet the standard of real combustible firewood chimneys.

A. The chimney design is often too large and mostly straight to the top, causing a large amount of wind extraction, most of the heat of combustion is removed; combustion only forms part of the radiant heat, most of the heat is discharged through the chimney, resulting in waste of energy The room could not be heated effectively.

B. A lot of wind extraction makes burning very fast and consumes a lot of firewood.

C. Rapid combustion while consuming a large amount of indoor oxygen, affecting the indoor air environment

D. Because it is a one-time combustion, it cannot guarantee that the combustion is fully sufficient. Incomplete combustion will produce a large amount of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. If the chimney is not designed properly, it cannot guarantee that the toxic gas will be completely discharged outside.

E. Incomplete combustion and simultaneous generation of soot. When the chimney is not well extracted, the smoke will be poured into the room, polluting the roof and furniture. If people inadvertently inhale, they will also endanger health.

F. The coke ash after incomplete combustion will accumulate on the inner wall of the chimney to a certain thickness, which may cause the inner wall of the chimney to ignite. The temperature at which the chimney catches fire is very high and poses a fire hazard.

G. Poorly designed chimneys can cause backflow of wind, causing the flames to fall into the room, posing a fire hazard.

H. Most chimneys do not use the heat of the heat-insulating material to burn, which may cause the outer wall of the chimney to discolor or even fall off, affecting the appearance.

I. Because of the negative air pressure caused by the massive wind extraction from the chimney, cold air is forced to be replenished into the room from the doors and windows. When the radiant heat is not enough to heat the incoming cold air, the average temperature of the whole room will not rise and fall.