Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decoration

- Oct 29, 2019-

Do you have a fireplace? Here are some ideas to inspire you to decorate your fireplace.

When I was a kid after going out trick or treat around our neighborhood, we used to gather around by the fireplace in the living room of one of our friends to tell creepy stories while enjoying our bounty from the trick and treat. 

We had unique fireplace decorations for Halloween each year, and we even upgraded our fireplaces into electric fireplaces so we could gather around without our parents worrying about us (kids getting too close to the fire).

I hope you like the following compilation of Halloween Deco Ideas and get inspired:

Spooky Spiders Cobweb Skeleton

Author: Amber from busycreatingmemories.com


Photo from: https://busycreatingmemories.com/fireplace-mantel-ideas/

Elegant Smiling Pumpkin

Author: Melissa from House Fenway


Photo from https://housefenway.com/2016/10/10/how-to-style-a-fireplace-mantel-halloween-edition/

Witch's recipe & Ghosts

Author: Shady Lane


Photos: https://lifeonshadylane.com/2016/10/halloween-fireplace/

Witch's Corner

Author: Handmademood


Hope you got inspired and Happy Trick or Treat. 

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PS.: All the electric fireplaces shown in this post are made by Zhongshan Sunshine Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.