Lego Gets On The Fireplace Video Bandwagon For Christmas

- Jan 02, 2020-

Lego Gets On The Fireplace Video Bandwagon For Christmas

Streaming fireplaces has become a thing in recent years, and you can grab a cocoa and settle down in front of a Lego one this year.

Lego is getting into the Christmas spirit this holiday with its 24/7 livestream of a very festive, very plastic fireplace.

The tableau is of a fireplace hung with stockings, with a lit up tree surrounded by presents to the left, and a cosy armchair on the right, all accompanied with some very soothing ASMR-ish crackling.

Being a Lego stream, there are some shenanigans. As I was typing this story, a Lego figure popped out of the fireplace (I think. I heard a popping sound and saw him rolling around on the floor, so your guess is as good as mine), grabbed the presents and ran off. A second figure scooped up the stockings and tree lights, and this is what we're left with right now:

The candles have since turned back on, so everything will be back in its place soon I imagine. Expect more surprises throughout the stream, which ends on December 26. [Brick Fanatics]

If you missed the event you can always get an electric fireplace and enjoy its magical fire all year round.