Perspective of the fireplace

- Jul 12, 2019-

The fireplace mainly forms a three-layer spatial relationship in the space, with a long view, a medium view and a close view. The perspective mainly shows the position and function of the fireplace in the whole space from the relationship of the whole room.

The size of the fireplace can be considered at the beginning with the layout of the entire room. Its choice of dimensions in space takes into account the shape and scale relationship of the entire space, determined by the height, width and interior layout of the entire room. Mid-range requires us to consider the composition of the fireplace on a relatively close scale, considering the relationship between the fireplace and furniture, lamps, carpets, etc. Too large or too small will make the space feel an uncoordinated feeling.

If the fireplace is a visual element in the center of the space, the surrounding environment should be centered on it. Symmetrical arrangement around the fireplace is a good choice. The symmetry of the wall decoration, the symmetry of the luminaire and the symmetry of the furnishings can all emphasize the pre-set theme. Such an arrangement can form a balanced momentum. This requires the occupant to have a spatial concept of the placement space in advance, and also to select the appropriate size based on the existing product. On-site stakeout and grading give you the most intuitive feel for space. The close-up view is a consideration of the combination of the fireplace body and the adjacent wall surface, which is a combination of details.