Stone and mortar for fireplace design

- Jul 15, 2019-

Before the decoration, the hearth of the wood burning fireplace was old and out of date and did not meet the building requirements. In order to make it the same style as the fireplace used in the Tudor style home, the owner of the house removed the guard of the fireplace and asked the professional bricklayer to cover the original adobe with a seemingly rough mortar stone.

If the fireplace requires a comprehensive structural overhaul, do some homework to ensure that the trimmed face is in harmony with the original design details in the home. Go to the local library to look up the books on antique architecture, and then choose the design style that is nostalgic or combines the memories of the past with the future direction of the family. If you want to add more natural stone, you may need to add more support at the joint with the ground.

Once the style and materials have been determined, you can draw a final sketch of the design details on paper or with a computer design program. One way to sketch out the design in your mind is to make a full-size cardboard model, then place it where you want to place it and see if it fits in the room. Modifying cardboard is much cheaper than modifying stone costs! Find an architect or designer to test your plan. They may be able to help you improve and provide ideas that you never thought of.