The fireplace needs to be checked every year

- Jul 07, 2019-

1. View the chimney cap

The chimney cap is a small cap with a metal mesh edge that is used to cover the top of the chimney. It prevents rain, birds, animals and all kinds of debris from entering the chimney. If the chimney cap is broken or broken, it needs to be replaced or repaired in time.

2. Detecting the masonry structure of the chimney

Check the outer brick or mortar between the stones to make sure it is complete. Drive the light into the chimney and look at the internal mortar. If the mortar is broken, it must be replaced. Need to pay attention to the broken bricks or whether there are bricks missing.

3. Detection of metal chimneys

It mainly detects the presence or absence of dents or rusted metal, and whether the screws at the joint are still there.

4. Pay attention to creosote

Creosote is a flammable substance that is very strong, dark in color and protrudes like a cockscomb. Produced by incomplete combustion of wood. The accumulation of creosote can cause extremely severe fires, so once it is found it must be removed immediately.

5. Clean up carbon deposits in time

Carbon deposits are very flammable substances, black, but softer than creosote. Most chimneys need to be cleaned up in time when the carbon builds up to 1/8 inch.

6. Attachments accumulated in the chimney after combustion

This shiny, bitumen-like substance is very flammable and extremely difficult to remove.

7. Smoke

If there is smoke in the house, you need to remove the debris from the chimney and make sure the damper is open. If there is a lot of smoke coming out of the chimney, it means that the wood is not fully burned.