The top ten functions of a real fire fireplace, fireplace knowledge

- Jul 10, 2019-

In fact, for a real fire fireplace, many friends only know its heating and decorative effects. If you have experienced the charm of its friends, you may also have a better understanding of its comfort. But do you know? There are many wonderful effects in choosing a real fire fireplace.

Today, Xiaobian will share with you about the real fire fireplace, those things you don’t know~

1. Sun-like radiation, real fire fireplace to prevent calcium deficiency.

2. Local high temperature can convect indoor air and effectively improve indoor air quality.

3. When water vapor encounters high temperature, it will produce oxygen-rich ions to effectively increase its content.

4. Compared with air conditioning and geothermal heating, fireplace heating is true yang, and yang improves feng shui.

5. Fireplace heating is the fastest, most direct, visible warmth, and more energy efficient.

6. Real fire fireplace heating can adjust the dry humidity of the air, and make the skin sweat slightly to moisturize the skin. After bathing, the fire is the happiest enjoyment.

7. The real fire fireplace is the messenger of family harmony, and the family will naturally gather around the fire and share the joy of family. You can also bake food and enjoy the natural flavor. The furnace is also a symbol of like-mindedness. The meaning of a partner or partnership is that people are combined in the fire.

8. Fire is also a boundary between good and evil. Animals or people who like fire are mostly good. People with bad minds or evil animals are afraid of fire. Thieves and robbers will be afraid of three points when they see the fireplace.

9. People will have a sense of security by the fireplace and be calm, calm and comfortable. Meeting in front of the fireplace is the highest courtesy. Treat guests as a symbol of their brothers and partners.

10. The fireplace symbolizes authority, wealth, and love, and is the treasure of the wealthy family. Residential buildings in the suburbs are also defensive blizzards, strong freezing, or accidental disasters, and the energy of survival when power is cut off. Only the wood-fired fire fireplace can both heat and cook food, which is a safe guarantee for human beings.