What are the installation conditions for a wood burning fireplace and how do I install it?

- Jul 03, 2019-

Wood burning fireplaces require a 15 cm diameter carbon steel pipe or stainless steel pipe with a vertical height of not less than four meters for natural wind extraction.

A. The house has a chimney

If your house has a chimney, the pipe will be placed inside the chimney and open vertically up to the smokestack at the top of the chimney. The inner diameter of the chimney is not less than 20 cm and the height is not less than four meters. The highest part of the chimney must have a smoke window. The opening area of the smoke window is not less than 300 square centimeters, and at least two face open.

B. The house has no chimney

The pipe can be passed from the upper or rear part of the fireplace to the outside and then up to four meters above the ground.