Does The Electric Fireplace Use Power?

- Jun 19, 2019-

The electric fireplace is an emerging heating method that starts from the western fireplace culture and gradually spreads into China. There are many irreplaceable advantages and advantages to using an electric fireplace for heating. For example, power is warm, plug and play, practical and beautiful, safe and pollution-free, no radiation noise... Therefore, more and more families are now choosing electric fireplaces as a way of heating in winter.

However, because there are still many friends who are not very familiar with electric fireplaces, there are all kinds of concerns. For example, many people will have doubts. It is so convenient to warm the electric fireplace. If it heats up so fast, will it be very expensive? ? Today, Xiaobian will explain to everyone, in the end, the use of electric fireplace heating costs do not charge electricity.

The excellent electric fireplace is not only the furniture used, but also the enhancer of the home decoration value. In addition to the high value of the ornamental value, some brands of electric fireplaces have a unique viewing mode. For example, the electric fireplace of China's electric fireplace leader Yifan electric fireplace, the core uses a new 3D simulation flame technology, the electric fireplace does not heat when using the viewing mode, but it has an analogy to the real flame effect. Does it sound interesting? The power consumption of the electric fireplace in this viewing mode is actually very low. According to the size of the fireplace, it only needs about 80W-120W, which is very practical from the decorative point of view.

In the heating mode, the power consumption of the electric fireplace is actually related to the individual's needs.

First of all, it is related to the choice of electric fireplace. It is large or portable. The electric fireplaces of different brands and different styles consume different amounts of electricity. From the perspective of environmental protection, Yifan Electric Fireplace not only has no noise and gas pollution, but also has considerable attention in energy conservation. Therefore, in terms of Yifan electric fireplace, the power consumption will not be very large.

The second is related to the size of the house. The larger the room, the more heating area it needs, and the more power it consumes and the more heating it produces. This is well understood.

The third is related to the temperature maintained during heating. In theory, the higher the temperature is maintained, the greater the power consumption.

The fourth is related to the usage time. The longer the usage time, the greater the power consumption.

Therefore, electric fireplace heating costs are not related to personal choice, of course, when buying, first look at the brand, choose to buy energy-saving electric fireplace with low power consumption, will let you save power first.