Electric Fireplace Features

- Jun 13, 2019-

As a new type of electric heating device that combines the principles of modern optics, it has excellent functions of saving natural resources and environmental protection, and provides more convenient heating performance under the premise of preserving the original classical shape.

The electric fireplace series is based on the European classical fireplace production process and the modern acoustic optics principle, which has greatly improved the design of the traditional fireplace, and created a green and more flamboyant real wood burning effect without losing the elegance.

As a kind of household electric heating appliance, electric fireplace has the characteristics of clean and safe, reliable loading and unloading, and high combustion utilization. Compared with wood burning and gas fireplace, electric fireplace will not have difficult ash, strange smell and flame burning. The noise generated; the electric fireplace not only saves heating costs, but also brings elegant viewing effects. It is safe and convenient to enjoy the warmth and comfort brought by the electric fireplace. The touch switch, the magical flame effect is instantly displayed. Convenient installation, The gorgeous flames will bring a beautiful mood to your home décor. The built-in and freestanding electric fireplaces bring warmth and comfort to the room.

No matter how the seasons change, the electric fireplace will always bring you the same enthusiasm as "fire", expel the cold installation of the electric fireplace in the winter, without the complicated preparation, just plug the fireplace into the household power supply and the electric fireplace surface can be no high temperature. It is very safe for children and the elderly. Place the electric fireplace in the room for children and the elderly to warm it up. Under the protection of the thermostat, you can use it with confidence.