Electric Fireplace Plug-In Inserts Vs Recessed Or Built-In Electric Fireplace

- Nov 12, 2019-

Electric Fireplace Insert is a device inserted into an existing masonry fireplace, entertainment centers, mantels, TV consoles, media centers, etc.

Electric Fireplace Inserts are made to fit any size of brick or steel covered hearth. Electric Fireplace Inserts come in three form factors: Electric Log Inserts (which imitate a natural wood flame), plug-in inserts and built-in units.


So what is the difference between Electric Fireplace Plug-In Insert and Recessed or Built-In Electric Fireplace, both belong to the category of Inserts, but the main difference is the airflow design.

Recessed or Built-In Electric Fireplace Airflow: 

recessed airflow

This unit is recessed into the wall and has the back side sealed off so the intake air is coming from the front side.

Electric Fireplace Insert Airflow:

Insert Airflow

This unit is installed into a Media Console and the back side has small gaps for air intake.

Either you are renovating your house or want to add a new fireplace is very important to keep in mind the design you desire to avoid buying the wrong type of unit and prevent dangerous situations. Electric Fireplaces Inserts installed in wrong places can lead to overheating and risk of fire.

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