Feel The Wonderful Fireplace Culture And Experience The Charm Of Customization

- Jun 16, 2019-

The cold air swept through and rushed home to get home one day. A warm room was the craving for everyone. In modern home decoration, the fireplace is the new favorite of home decoration in the cold winter days. It is not only a heating tool, but also creates a warm atmosphere for the home.

From the history of the West, the prototype of the fireplace can be traced back to the ancient Greek and Roman times. The early fireplace was quite simple, without any decoration, depending on the exterior wall or an inner wall in the middle, made of brick or stone. With the development of society and the increasingly complex residential functions, the dedicated fire-heating fireplace has gradually become the core of interior decoration, and it is more and more decorative. The entire evolution of the fireplace is not only the retraction and representation of the development of production relations and life concepts, but also the container of time residency, carrying precious social information. The fireplace is about love, warmth and friendship. When people look at the fireplace, they can read the historical and cultural traces that stay on the fireplace.

Fireplaces often appear in European and American movies. Whenever you see squeaky firewood burning in the hearth, you can't help but feel the warmth and vitality of the sun. In the icy dark night, the blazing flames illuminate the face and pick up a cup of hot cocoa, along with your favorite music, to help you wash away the fatigue of the day.

Before the warm fire, let the wind raging outside the window, the house is still warm and warm, the family is sitting together, the fireside is laughing and happy. You can also enjoy a wonderful time at the fireside, lay a thick blanket on your lap, read a favorite novel, read or sleep in warmth, and you won't be happy.

The fireplace is a culture and an art. No matter what style is in the home, the fireplace can show the owner's extraordinary taste and romantic feelings. The fireplace is not only a patent of the Western family, it has an elegant and unique temperament, for any home space, it can be called a "finished work."

Professional designers suggest that the style of the fireplace should be matched with the overall interior decoration style. If the interior is rustic, you can choose red brick, stone and other materials, with old wood to create a simple and casual feeling; while modern decoration style homes tend to pay attention to fashion avant-garde, the owner can buy the fireplace core directly Dig holes in the wall, leaving space to put some wood, so that it is full of warmth, but also simple and generous; if the home is European style, you can use the most court-like marble or sandstone, stone, real stone paint and other decoration The material creates a noble and elegant temperament; however, in the American decoration style, it is recommended that the owner choose a wooden frame with a cast iron hearth fireplace. The frame can be made of wine red or brown wood, so that the traditional craft is retained in the shape. It saves the complicated decoration.