Fireplace Origin And Culture

- Jun 01, 2019-

The appearance of the fireplace originated from the western countries. In addition to its decorative effect and practical value, it is also a symbol of the identity and taste of European and American countries. This is especially true after coming to the country, representing romance and taste as well as outstanding aesthetic vision. Whether it is a gathering of friends or family reunion, the fireplace is a well-deserved focus, attracting countless envious eyes. According to the culture of different countries, it is divided into: American fireplace, English fireplace, French fireplace, etc. The shape is different.

American furniture style is rooted in European culture. It rejects the novelty and glitz that Baroque and Rococo styles pursue, based on a new understanding of classical culture. American furniture emphasizes the practicality. At the same time, it attaches great importance to decoration, commonly used stitching and inlay decoration techniques, and is decorated with paint or bas-relief. American furniture generally uses walnut, birch and mahogany. In order to highlight the characteristics of the wood itself, its veneer is treated with complex flakes (wood veneer), which makes the texture itself a kind of decoration, which can produce different light at different angles. sense. American furniture places special emphasis on comfort, style, practicality and versatility. Nature, nostalgia, romance and respect for time are the best interpretations of American furniture.

English style: gorgeous atmosphere, suitable for the large living room, rigorous and faithful shepherd guardian, guarding the children's quiet dreams...

French style features: curve fun, asymmetrical rules, soft colors, advocating nature, etc.;