Slow Down And Enjoy Life By The Fireplace

- Jun 20, 2019-

In the fast pace of urban life, you may wish to slow down and enjoy the return of quality of life. This is the core of the "slow city" concept.

According to the definition of the International Slow City Alliance, "slow city" is a form of urbanity that slows down the pace of life. Experts believe that "slow life" is not only a comfortable and relaxed state, but also a need to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly city with low-carbon development. Here, slowness is not to slow down the pace of development, but to promote a new development model and lifestyle with a slow concept.

In the industrial age, people are too "quick" in their development, and many social problems are derived from it. There are more and more negative emotions in the society, and industrial development has also encountered various development bottlenecks in advance. In the post-industrial era, the slow-paced life has become the goal of life pursued by people. The harmonious development of man and nature has gradually been mentioned by people. It is hoped that returning to the essence of life and experiencing a slow lifestyle will become the focus of much eagerness.

In fact, "slow life" is not only related to people in the city, but also has a chemical reaction with the city itself. It will be driven by human activities, making the irritated urban life closer to the essence of happiness, and the urban space in which human beings are located is more connotative and quality. The Napa Valley is designed according to the interior style of neo-classical culture and art, so that everyone can feel the warmth of home. In particular, the indoor fireplace with a strong Western culture can deeply feel the unique charm of the Western fireplace culture. Let us enjoy the "slow life" in front of the fireplace.