The Fireplace Symbolizes An Identity, Status And Style

- Jun 15, 2019-

The appearance and use of fireplaces is inseparable from the history of human use of fire. The use of fire is of great significance to the origin of mankind.

The development of the fireplace stems from the fact that people use the history of fire while using new energy sources: coal, gas and electricity on the fireplace, making the use of the fireplace more efficient, comfortable and convenient. At the same time, the fireplace has always been at the core of the interior decoration style.

In every era of history, fireplaces produce one or more distinctive styles: Renaissance, Baroque, modern, etc. These fireplaces are closely related to architectural styles and interior styles and become the most important expressions of interior style. At the same time, the continuous improvement of the function is reflected in the design of the fireplace, and the fireplace is more and more practical and beautiful. It not only provides physical comfort, but also visual enjoyment.

There is no other invention in human history that combines practicality and aesthetics like it. The various fireplaces convey the concept of life and fashion of people of all ages.

The heating function of the indoor space of the fireplace, the practical function of the development of the society, has gradually relegated to the second place, and gradually evolved into a symbol of identity, status and style.

The change of social customs, the revolution of materials and technology, is very obvious on the fireplace. The evolution of the fireplace is not only a microcosm and representation of the development of production relations and life concepts, but also a container of time residing, carrying precious social information. People from all walks of life live, live and live by the fireplace, and perform wonderful pieces of life. The fireplace is about love, warmth and friendship.