The Golden Ratio Of The Principle And Size Of The Electric Fireplace

- Jun 05, 2019-

Winter is coming soon, is your heating problem solved? In the north, collective heating is basically the heating method for all urban households, while some suburban, rural, and independent villas are individually heated, colder and more south, residents Their desire for heating is very eager. Now, the electric fireplace can solve your desire for warmth and warm your winter. Today, we will briefly introduce you to the golden ratio of the principle and size of electric fireplaces.

The fireplace has undergone a wood burning fireplace, a gas fireplace and an electric fireplace. The principle of the electric fireplace is to introduce the European classical fireplace production process and modern acoustic optics. The design of the traditional fireplace has been changed to make it more green and has a hotter burning effect. The heating element of the electric fireplace is a heating wire, which uses a fan to blow out the heat generated by the heating wire.

The gold size ratio of the electric fireplace is: 1780 mm (length) * 1100 mm (height) * 175 mm (width), and a friend who needs an electric fireplace can choose the appropriate position in the room for placement. Usually, the price of an electric fireplace is several thousand yuan. If the size is larger, the price will be higher. In the actual sale process, most consumers will choose an electric fireplace with a golden ratio. In addition to the size, the style of the electric fireplace can also be customized according to preferences.

The above is the basic situation of electric fireplaces. In southern cities, the cold does not last too long. It is convenient to use the electric fireplace to weather the cold weather. The electricity consumption is not too much, and the decorative electric fireplace is more electric than the electric heater. More easy to store, beautiful and practical. Choose an electric fireplace to keep the winter warm and beautiful!