Type Of Fireplace

- Jun 04, 2019-

The types of fireplaces currently on the market are as follows:

1. Classification according to the authenticity of the flame

Real fire fireplace, simulated fireplace (also known as decorative fireplace, landscape fireplace, electric fireplace, electric fireplace, hanging fireplace)

2. Classification according to the type of fuel

Wood burning fireplace, gas fireplace, alcohol fireplace, grain fireplace, electric fireplace

3. Classified according to the installation method

Built-in fireplace, freestanding fireplace

4. Classified according to open methods

Open fireplace, semi-closed fireplace, fully enclosed fireplace

5. Classification by material

Steel fireplace, cast iron fireplace, glass fireplace

6. Classified according to the living environment

Villa Fireplace, Guild Hall Fireplace, Hotel Fireplace, KTV Nightclub Fireplace

7. Classification by style

Modern fireplace, traditional fireplace, classical fireplace

8. Classified according to the production method

Custom fireplace (customized fireplace), shaped fireplace, special fireplace

9. The above categories can be combined into related categories such as: embedded true fire fireplace, built-in simulated fireplace, built-in wood burning fireplace, freestanding wood burning fireplace, custom alcohol fireplace, custom gas fireplace, custom simulated fireplace, etc.