What Are The Advantages Of A Real Fire Fireplace?

- Jun 10, 2019-

Today, it is already the autumn season, and the long winter is coming. Are you ready for the winter season? Do you want to be comfortable at home without going out? Then, start preparing the fireplace! Although the air conditioner can also warm, it will be very dry inside the room. Floor heating is also a lot of people want to choose, but it is uncontrollable, easily lead to excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, which is easy to get sick. So, what are the advantages of a real fire fireplace?

The real fire fireplaces on the market are mainly gas-fired, wood-fired and alcohol-based. Compared with the traditional heating methods in China, the real fire fireplace has the following advantages:

First, efficient:

The real fire fireplace is the effect of heat conduction through heat radiation and convection. The heat source is directly transmitted to the body surface through infrared rays, and the heat effect can be achieved by heating the air conditioner for a long time, and the real fire fireplace can be reached only by lighting for a few minutes. The same thermal effect, so it is very efficient.

Second, environmental protection:

In terms of cost of use, although the purchase of a real fire fireplace is more expensive than air conditioners and radiators. However, the cost of using it is much lower than the first two. With the same amount of calorific value, the cost of using a real fire fireplace is only half that of an air conditioner. In addition, the unique warmth and decorative effect of the real fire fireplace is unmatched by the previous heating method.

So looking at these two advantages, you know that the real fire fireplace is very suitable for everyone to buy. And the real fire fireplace is very popular in China, not only to bring warmth to the house, but also noble decorative items, it is visual aesthetic pleasure.